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Why Travel With Us

Soraka Tours offers adventures that combine thrilling experiences, cultural immersion, and responsible travel. With personalized services, unwavering focus on safety, and community support we offer an unparalleled journey to the roof of Africa and Tanzania's breathtaking landscapes. As a small, locally owned tour company, we eliminate the need for third-party booking, ensuring competitive prices and authentic experiences.

In addition to providing exceptional personalized services to all of our travelers, we also offer VIP accompaniment for solo female travelers. Being part-female owned with multiple Kilimanjaro summits, we truly understand the unique challenges that female travelers may face. We prioritize your safety by implementing thorough training, education, and awareness programs. We are proud to be an inclusive company that warmly welcomes travelers from all backgrounds.

We strive to provide a caring and well supported environment for our staff members. By investing in our employees we create a motivated and knowledgeable team that is passionate about delivering exceptional service to you.

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What is included?
Warm, spacious and cozy, Mountain Hardwear four-season tents, perfect after a long day of climbing. Three nutritious daily meals geared towards replenishing and refueling energy for the climb ahead. All meals are cooked on site using freshly grown ingredients acquired at the markets and local farms. We provide purified water treated with water guard for drinking and personal use. Ground transportation to and from the airport.
Is this safe?
All of our guides are Wilderness First Responder Certified and have at least 10 years climbing experience. During our climbs all guides are required to carry oxygen canister tanks and a first aid kit for emergency use. Two medical checks (oximeter) are performed daily to ensure the well being of our clients.
How do I get additional information?
Contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone with further inquiries.
Why hire locally owned businesses?
This keeps the money in the local economy and nurtures a sense of community.
What costs are included?
1. Park Fees (eg. $1,100 for a 7-day climb) 2. Equitable staff wages (guides, chefs, porters, drivers, and camp supervisor) 3. Tour licenses 4. Government taxes 5. On climbs, fresh ingredients and well-balanced meals geared towards body fuel and replenishment 6. High quality camping equipment (4-season Mountain Hardware tents, high R-value sleeping pads, oxygen canisters, and covered dining area with seating.