9-Day Trek + 2 nights hotel

Route Summary

The Northern Circuit is one of the newest and longest routes Kilimanjaro has to offer. It combines parts of Lemosho, Rongai and Marangu Routes. It is operated as an eight or nine-day trek by most climbing companies. Success rates are relatively high for this route because trekkers have plenty of time to acclimatize. The Northern Circuit begins in the west and follows the same route as Lemosho for the first two days before veering north towards Lava Tower and around to the eastern side of the mountain. We highly recommend this route for our clients who desire more time on the mountain.


Arrive in Kilimanjaro | 1400 m/4,593ft

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be driven to your hotel where you will relax and recuperate after your long journey to Tanzania.

Londorossi Gate – Mti Mkubwa Camp | 2650 m/8,694ft

After your restful night at the hotel you will be picked up for your 1-2 hour drive to the Londorossi Park Gate located on the western side of Kilimanjaro.Upon arrival at the gate your guide will register your trek with the park while you prepare yourself mentally for your walk ahead. You will notice the activities around you as packs are weighed to ensure they don’t exceed 20 kilograms, and the porters arrange all the gear needed for the days ahead. You will be given a box lunch and briefing before beginning your trek through the rainforest. The trails in the rainforest are oftentimes muddy and slippery, walk with caution. Take time to enjoy the untouched beauty of the vegetation around you. Inhale the earthy smell of the flora and fauna as you trek to the sounds of the forest animals around you. After 3-4 hours you will reach your first camp known as Mti Mkubwa or Big Tree.
Hiking for the day: 3 hours, 6 km/3.7miles with a 650m / 2,132ft gain in elevation

Mti Mkubwa Camp – Shira One Camp | 3610 m/11,843ft

  • Good Morning!!!! Your server will greet you with your favorite morning beverage of tea or coffee before supplying water for your personal use. After breakfast, you will start your hike across the remaining rain forest towards the expansive moorland zone. At the height of your highest elevation everyday you will be served tea and snacks as you rest and allow your body to acclimate to the new elevation. Lunch will be served in the valley just outside the Shira Crater. After lunch, you will make your way towards the Shira Caldera. Shira, the third of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic cones, is filled with lava flow from Kibo Peak. Unfortunately the crater rim has erounded due to weather and volcanic action. You will then make your way to your second camp Shira One. You are now in the moorland vegetation zone.
    Hiking for the day: 5-6 hours, 8 km/4.97miles with an elevation gain of 950 m/3116ft; at 3610 m/11,844ft

    Shira I Camp – Shira II Camp | 3504 m/11,4961ft

    Another beautiful morning on the mountain!! After your delicious breakfast, you will continue your hike east across the Shira Plateau, one of the highest plateaus on Earth. You will walk by the Shira Cathedral towards Shira Two Camp. Elevation gain will be minimal allowing your body to slowly acclimate. The view of the plateau is stunning and awe inspiring.Nature created its own work of art in this beautiful and peaceful setting. We recommend an acclimation hike up the plateau where you will enjoy the stunning view across the valley below and view the Western Breach of Kilimanjaro above. Shira Two Camp is in the wide open space of the mountain, be prepared for a cold night with temperatures getting below zero.
    Hiking for the day: 3-4 hours, 6.9 km/4.1miles with an elevation gain of 240 m/787ft

    Shira II Camp – Lava Tower – Moir Hut: 17.7Km/11.1miles/ 3895m/12,779ft

  • Habari za Asubuhi!!!! Your hike today will be one of the most valuable days for acclimatization with only a100 ft gain in elevation, the last of your easy climbing days. You will make your way to the Lava Tower where you will be served lunch in your tent as you rest before making your way down to your next camp. You will hike around the southern flank of Kibo, and slowly descend into the spectacular Barranco Valley. There Doc Suess’s imagination comes to life. The landscape is interspersed with giant lobelia and giant groundsels plants surrounded by big rocks and slow streaming mini waterfalls.The path slightly climbs before descending to Moir Hut where you will spend the night.
    Hiking for the day: 5-7hours, 17.7km/11.1 miles with an elevation gain of 91 m/298.6ft

    Moir Hut to Buffalo Camp: 9.2Km/5.7miles/ 4155m/13,632ft to 4033m/13,232ft

    Coffee in hand and a song in your heart step out of your tent and inhale the fresh morning mountain air. Today will be a moderately long day of walking but at a decrease in elevation. You will start your walk at a moderately steep climb out of Moir Valley making a detour to climb the summit of Little Lent Hill at 4,375 meters/14,354 before returning to the Northern Circuit trail. The route follows a series of inclines and declines, going around the northern slopes of Kibo to Buffalo Camp. Buffalo camp is located in the northern part of Kilimanjaro close to the Tanzanian and Kenya border. The views are spectacular as you take in the vast open space of the plain. You will arrive at Buffalo Camp just after midday, there you will have lunch and plenty of time to rest. Walk around camp and meet other campers, maybe play a round of card games before dinner is served. Take time to look at the night sky and spot constellations that are so vivid and bright on a clear night.
    Hiking for the day: 5-7hours, 9.2km/5.7 miles/ with altitude loss of 122m/400ft

    BUFFALO CAMP – RONGAI 3RD CAVE: 6.8KM /4.3MI at 3911m/12,831ft

    A start to a brand new day! By now your body should feel properly acclimated to the thin air of kilimanjaro. After breakfast and medical check you will climb up the Buffalo Ridge and down into Pofu Camp where lunch will be served. You will continue East around the Northern slopes to the Rongai Third Cave. Your hike will take you through the mooreland which is surrounded by large plants and unique vegetation. Third Camp is located at the foot of the mountain alongside a massive dried up riverbed. Take time to explore this camp, walk to the other side of the riverbed and see giant volcanic rocks, marvel at the many mini caves and watch the sunset over the mountain. Be sure to brave the night cold for an awesome view of the Milkyway.
    Hiking for the day: 5-6 hours, 6.8km/4.3miles/ with altitude loss of 97m/318ft

    RONGAI 3RD CAVE – SCHOOL HUT or KIBO HUT:4.8KM /3MI at 4692m/ 15,393ft

    This will be the last day before summiting. After your nutritious breakfast you will start your ascent over the Saddle which sits between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi Peak. You will continue your trekk southwest towards School Hut where you will begin your rest for the long night ahead. Remember to prepare all your gear, including warm clothes, insulated water bottles and hand and feet warmers. You will begin your attempt at summiting around midnight.
    Hiking for the day: 5-7 hours, 4.8km/ 3miles / with an altitude gain of 781m/2,562ft

    School Hut – Summit: 5.9KM /3.7MI, 5895m/19,341ft – Millenium Camp: 13KM /8MI

    Your server will be giving you a wakeup call around midnight. After tea and light snacks you will fasten your head lamp, stuff your hands in your warm mittens, say a prayer to the universe and begin your very steep climb to Uhuru Peak. You will begin your ascent to the summit all bundled up and filled with excitement. You will continue your climb between Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers trying to stay warm and putting into practice all the mental tricks you learned and prepared before coming on this adventure. With a switchback motion in a northwesterly direction and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point on the crater rim. At this point you may have exerted a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy. Your reward will be the most spectacular sunrise of beautiful colors decorating the sky as you sit above the clouds with a greater appreciation for life. You will discover a new found energy as you plow along to the summit. Poli poli is the name of the game! After an hour climb from Stella Point you will reach Uhuru Peak! Total exhilaration and satisfaction, you made it! congratulations!!! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to share with your family and friends back home. After your celebration you will start your descent to Barafu Camp. It will take you around 3-5 hours of careful walking. You will get a short reprieve, lunch will be served before heading to Millenium Camp for the night. The total time spent walking on this day will be around 14-16 hours.
    Elevation: 4717m/15,476ft to 5895m/19,341ft, altitude gained 1178m/3,865ft: Descent to 3790m/ 12,434ft

    Millennium Camp – Mweka Gate 14km/8.7MI

    After breakfast and a heartfelt celebration of singing and dancing with your team it’s time to say goodbye. Today you descend through the rain forest on a jungle path similar to the one you did before. This will take you 4-6 hours on tired legs and the path through the rainforest might be muddy and slippery. Once at the gate you will be fed a hearty meal before heading back to your hotel where you will receive a bonafide certificate of your achievement.


    Ground transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport and departure or on to your safari and cultural adventures with us.