6-Day Trek + 2 nights hotel

  • 6 day Marangu Route
  • 5 day Marangu Route

Route Summary

The Marangu Route also known as the Coca Cola Route is the oldest established route on Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is considered one of the easiest routes and is very popular. It offers clients the chance to climb faster resulting in fewer days on the mountain. However because of that the summit success rate is lower than that of other routes. Accommodations are made in permanent huts instead of tents. The huts are styled in a dormitory fashion. The summit ascent is shorter but steeper in comparison to the Lemosho Route. We recommend this route to our clients who prefer to sleep indoors and out of the cold and winds of the mountain.


Arrive in Kilimanjaro | 1400 m/4,593ft

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be driven to your hotel where you will relax and recuperate after your long journey to Tanzania.

Marangu Gate to Mandara Hut | 2700 m/8858ft

After your restful night at the hotel you will be picked up for your 1-2 hour drive to the Park Gate located on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.Upon arrival at the gate your guide will register your trek with the Park while you prepare yourself mentally for your walk ahead. You will be given a picnic style lunch and a short briefing before beginning your trek through the rainforest. Your porters will walk ahead of you with all of your personal items except for your day pack, extra clothing and water bottles. You will make your way on a clear ridge trail through the forest while admiring the lush greenery and the soothing sounds of the forest. You will be able to spot blue monkeys, black and white Colobus Monkeys and a few other small animals. Your first stop will be Mandara Hut. Several A-framed huts with outdoor spaces for you to sit and enjoy nature. Each hut has 6-8 sleeping bunks with solar generated lighting and fluable toilets behind the main hut. Fresh water is piped into the camp from springs above. You will have the choice to visit Maundi Crater after lunch for an acclimatization hike (1-2hrs)
Hiking for the day: 4-5 hours, 8 km/4.97miles, elevation gained 820 m/2,690ft

Mandara Hut to Horombo Hut | 3720 m/12,204ft

  • Rise and Shine! After a delicious breakfast prepared by our chefs you will traverse through a short stretch of the forest skirting the base of the Maundi Crater to emerge into the moorland. If you choose, you can make a short detour to climb up the rim of the Maundi Crater to view the Kibo Crater (if you haven’t done so already). On a clear day, the glaciers on Kibo will reflect light highlighting the beauty of the peak. You will continue your trek through the moorland where you will see plants that are indiginious to Kilimanjaro, the endemic giant lobelia which grows up to 3 m/9.84ft in height and the giant groundsel, which can reach heights of 5 m/16.4ft. You will walk for another 4-6 hours to reach your second hunt where you will be provided with hot water for washing, and a warm nutritious meal before bed.
    Hiking for the day: 6-8 hours, 12 km/7.456miles elevation gained 1000 m/3,280ft

    Horombo Hut an Acclimatization Day | 3720 m/12,204ft

    Wake to the sound of other hikers getting ready to make their descent to the gate. Watch the morning sun coloring the clouds in warm tones as you sip your cup of hot coffee. You will meet both ascending and descending hikers as you make your way around camp. Today is a day for relaxation, you are allowing your body to properly acclimate itself. You may choose to go on a 3-4 hour acclimatization hike to Mawenzi hut, passing the Zebra Rocks on the way and back.This Short hike might help further your chances of summiting.

    Horombo Hut to Kibo Hut | 4700 m/15,419ft

  • Knock, Knock knock!! You will be woken up by your server with a cup of coffee/tea in hand. After breakfast you will continue your climb into the Alpine desert. There are two trails to the “Saddle” ( the area located between the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo), the upper route and lower route. The upper route will be very familiar to you if you choose to go on the acclimatization hike the day before. The terrain is very stony and a bit eroded, we do not recommend this route unless you are desiring a more difficult journey to Kibo. We recommend the lower route which is easier and nearly an hour shorter. This is the last point to get water as the pipes do not run up to basecamp. You will have to fill your water bottles with all the water you will need until your return to Horombo hut in two night’s time. You can purchase mineral water at Kibo. Kibo Hut is located in the barren Alpine desert. You will spend the rest of the afternoon and half of the night here awaiting your wake up call to summit. You will be asked to prepare your equipment and thermal clothing for the Arctic Zone of Uhuru Peak.
    Hiking for the day: 6-8 hours, 10 km/6.21miles, elevation gained 995 m/3264ft

    Kibo Hut to The Summit and onto Horombo Hut | 5895 m/19,340ft

    Your server will be giving you a wakeup call around midnight. After tea and light snacks you will fasten your head lamp, stuff your hands in your warm mittens, say a prayer to the universe and begin your very steep climb to Uhuru Peak. The first section of the trail consists of a rocky path to the Hans Meyer Cave (5150 m/16,896ft) which provides a good resting spot. You will then make your way on a zigzag steep incline of sandy rocks, wind in your face while stepping over volcanic rocks to ascend at Gilman’s Point (5 681m/18638ft). At this point you may have exerted a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy. Your reward will be the most spectacular sunrise of beautiful colors decorating the sky as you sit above the clouds with a greater appreciation for life. You will discover a new found energy as you plow along to the summit. Poli poli is the name of the game! Total exhilaration and satisfaction, you made it! congratulations!!! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to share with your family and friends back home. After the celebration you will start your descent to Kibo Hut. It will take you roughly 3 hours of careful walking. You will get a short reprieve before heading back to Horombo Hut for the night. The total time spent walking on this day will be around 14 hours.
    Hiking for the day: Kibo – Uhuru: 6-8 hours, 6 km/3.72miles , elevation gained 1180 m/3871ft; 5895 m/19,340ft
    Uhuru – Horombo Hut: 5-6 hours, 16 km/9.9 miles

    Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

    Today you descend the same way you ascended, pass Mandara Hut, through the rainforest and onto the gate. Once at the gate you will be fed a hearty meal before heading back to your hotel where you will receive a bonafide certificate of your achievement.


    Ground transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport and departure or on to your safari and cultural adventures with us.