Our Story

Our journey began when Sophia crossed paths with Baraka during an incredible 8-day Kilimanajro summit. Baraka, who had been managing and organizing climbs for widely recognized companies for nearly two decades, shared his aspirations of owning his own climbing and safari company. Sophia was inspired by Baraka and was resolved to help manifest his dream. With the help of her background in International Business and Marketing, together they founded Soraka Tours. Since its inception, Soraka Tours has been dedicated to improving the lives of its local workers by offering better compensation and working conditions. We are also deeply committed to fostering a culture of growth and professional development within our company. Our mission is to leave the community stronger than we met it, not only taking away lifetime memories, but also giving back to our hosts, those who call this region home.


Baraka has been a Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) certified professional guide since 2003. His mountain journey began at the age of eighteen when he took on a job as a porter. Climb by climb, Baraka worked his way up, gaining experience with international tour companies while becoming proficient in English. Baraka and his team would go on to lead hundreds of successful Kilimanjaro treks, achieving a remarkable 98% summit rate. Baraka is intimately familiar with all aspects of Mt Kilimanjaro, guiding with professionalism while ensuring his clients' health, safety and security. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR), trained in recognizing and treating high altitude illnesses, administering basic life support (BLS), and advance planning of evacuation procedures. Throughout the challenging journey, Baraka and team are there to support you as you revel in the majesty of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Our Chicago-based business manager Sophia ensures a smooth and effortless turnkey booking process while providing information on what to expect upon arrival in Tanzania. Sophia started her Kilimanjaro journey when her then eighteen year old son asked to climb Kilimanjaro together as his graduation present. Although she had neither hiking nor camping experience, she was willing to try something new. After summiting twice with Baraka’s guidance, she felt a deep connection with Kilimanjaro and its community, and then helped to build Soraka Tours as her way to share life restoring experiences in Tanzania. Having traveled extensively, Sophia understands the unique challenges that solo female travelers may face including harassment, unwanted attention and cultural differences. Sophia has been on a mission to create a safe and enriching environment for women. Ensuring safety standards are met, training, educating and sensitizing the team on specific needs and concerns of female travelers.

The Team

At Soraka Tours, we firmly believe that the success of any adventure lies in the hands of our incredible team of guides, porters, and safari drivers. We go to great lengths to handpick and employ the very best individuals who possess a deep passion for their work, a wealth of knowledge, and a genuine love for nature and wildlife. Our mountain guides are Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified and have over 10 years of mountaineering experience individually. They are not only highly skilled and experienced in navigating through diverse terrains and challenging conditions, but they also possess an intimate understanding of the destinations, ensuring that every journey is safe, informative, and truly unforgettable. Our porters, with their unwavering strength and dedication, are the backbone of our Kilimanjaro operation, ensuring that all logistical needs are met efficiently, allowing our adventurers to focus on the experience itself. Our safari drivers are not only expert navigators but also incredibly adept at spotting elusive wildlife, guaranteeing exceptional wildlife encounters and capturing those picture-perfect moments. By employing the best guides, porters, and safari drivers, we strive to provide our guests with the highest level of service, making your journey with us truly unforgettable.