About Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. It is the tallest free standing mountain in the world at 5,895m/19,341ft. It is also the tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano with three volcanic cones named Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. Kilimanjaro is what is known as a "walk-up", a trekking peak that can be done without using technical equipment or mountaineering skills. To summit Kilimanjaro you will need self-discipline for training, and an abundance of mental strength. We are firm believers that anyone can accomplish this truly life changing feat.

Customize Your Trip

Our Equipment

To ensure the utmost safety and comfort for our clients, we provide top-of-the-line mountain equipment, along with experienced and licensed guides and porters. Our REI and Mountain Hardwear 4 season tents provide reliable shelter from the harsh elements while providing a much needed retreat after a tiring day of trekking. We meticulously check each tent and mat after each use, preventing equipment failure that can pose significant problems on the mountain.

Our Licensed Guides

Our Guides are certified Wilderness First Responders and have close to 10 years of climbing experience each. They are trained and well versed in:


Safety: Our guides prioritize safety, knowing the terrain, weather and risks, making informed decisions and providing immediate first aid and assistance.


Licensed: Our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders with years of experience.


Acclimatization: Our guides monitor climbers for altitude sickness symptoms, adjust pace accordingly and provide necessary medication.


Route Knowledge: Our guides are familiar with all campsites, water sources and viewpoints, enhancing the experience.


Equipment and Logistics: Our guides and porters carry and maintain necessary equipment, including food and safety gear. They provide water, hygiene food and proper shelter.


Cultural and Environmental Awareness: Our guides and porters respect the environment and promote sustainability practices and provide insight into culture, history and wildlife.

What Makes Our Kilimanjaro Climbs Stand out From Our Competitors?

  1. We are a Tanzanian owned tour company with partnership in the United States, offering credibility, legitimacy and transparency with no third party bookings.
  2. Part female owned with multiple Kilimanajro summits. We offer VIP accompaniment for female travelers. We ensure safety standards are met, educating and sensitizing the team on specific needs and concerns of our female travelers.
  3. Nineteen years of mountaineering experience with a 98% summit success rate. Our guides are well equipped to handle any unexpected circumstances during your hikes.
  4. Our experienced staff members have all summited Kilimanajaro and can provide realistic answers to your questions.
  5. Our VIP packages provide luxurious amenities such as walk-in tents, beds, shower tents, private toilets and hot water bottles for your sleeping bags.
  6. Enjoy our spacious and cozy Mountain Hardware tents, perfect for cold nights on the mountain. Our tents are thoroughly inspected after each climb preventing equipment failure eg broken zippers, leaky tents etc.
  7. We cater to most dietary restrictions from vegetarian to meat lovers, our chefs provide delicious meals that also fuel your ascent.
  8. We work closely with partner hotels to ensure your comfort and satisfaction before and after your climb.
  9. We believe in fair compensation for our mountain staff. By paying our guides and porters fairly as set by the KPAP, we create an equitable work environment and attract experienced professionals.

Why Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

  1. Sense of Achievement: Reaching the summit at Uhuru Peak (19, 341ft) is a testament to one's physical and mental strength, pushing boundaries and overcoming challenge.
  2. Spirituality: The physical and mental challenges of climbing Kilimanjaro often push our climbers to their limits, requiring them to dig deep within themselves for strength and resilience. This introspective journey can lead to moments of self- reflection, personal growth and a heightened sense of spirituality.
  3. Connecting with Nature: The stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems evoke a sense of wonder and humility, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world around you.
  4. Physical and Mental challenge: Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro requires stamina, endurance and mental resilience. Attaining this goal can boost self-confidence and enhance personal growth providing a renewed perspective on life.
  5. Adventure and Exploration: Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime bucket list adventure. It offers an opportunity to explore a unique environment, encounter diverse flora and fauna and immerse oneself in the rich Tanzanian culture. The journey to the top is filled with excitement, curiosity and a sense of discovery.